SPOKANE, Wash. - Five witnesses and hours of testimony later, the first day of court has wrapped up in the trial of former Pullman Police Sergeant Dan Hargraves.

Last fall, Hargraves was arrested after an investigation that began when an 18-year-old female Washington State University student reported she was sexually assaulted. Hargraves later resigned from his position.

Opening statements in the trial began on Tuesday, September 10. The state began its case by claiming Hargraves was not wearing a body camera at the time of the incident and failed other protocols when transporting the woman in the back of his patrol car. The defense countered by saying the student was too intoxicated to remember the details of that night and claimed Hargraves never had her in the back of his patrol car.

A friend of the woman was called to the stand as the state's first witness Tuesday and said she put the woman's clothes in a bag and told her to get a rape test.

She said her friend repeated the statement, "I was raped by a cop," over and over.

Two other friends of the woman were called to the stand as well as a retired officer and detective. The woman's memory of the night, her cell phone and Hargraves' whereabouts the night of the incident were all questioned Tuesday.

Court is scheduled to resume the morning of Wednesday, September 11.