First on KHQ.Com: Pharmacy Robbery at Trent & Argonne

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: A man armed with a black pistol robbed the Albertson's pharmacy at Trent and Argonne about 9:15 a.m. Friday and escaped with an unknown quantity of the potent pain medication Oxycontin.

Employees said the man was inside the store about three minutes, and that he set off an alarm attempting to flee out the back doors.  When the alarm sounded, he ran to the front where he exited and then went to the east and north.

Outer clothing, a homemade mask and rubber gloves that he wore during the heist were found discarded inside the garbage dumpster at the West Valley Schools Administration Building a short distance from the store.

An employee in the Albertson's pharmacy told Deputy Fred Morford that the suspect's pistol resembled the semi-automatic Glock pistol a family member owned.  She said the suspect kept the gun trained on the employee while she placed the stolen drugs inside a white pharmacy bag.

Description of the suspect varied, but he was generally described as a white male between six feet and 6'04" tall with a thin to medium build.  Hair and eye colors were unknown, but he held the pistol in his right hand.

The robber's shoes were black running shoes which had a lighter-colored mesh on the fronts.

 Anyone with information about this armed robbery is encouraged to call Crime Check at 456-2233.






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