Flexible seating for students at Ramsey Elementary

 Tonight flexible seating is a trending topic at schools across the U.S. and it's year two for the experimental plan at one elementary school in Coeur d'Alene.

When you walk into Sumer Comfort’s first grade classroom at Ramsey Elementary, you may notice something a little different, a little more flexible.

Instead of in desks, kids are sitting on exercise balls, cushions, or the floor.

The industrial lights are off; instead they use lamps, giving the classroom a more ambient feeling.

Comfort started the idea last year and she hasn’t looked back.

“When you can engage their body, you can engage their brain,” Comfort said, “and so they are more likely to listen and have longer stamina than if they were just sitting at a desk on a chair looking at me."

Her idea has spread to other classrooms.

Comfort says her students are excited to come to school and are ready to learn.

“The kids loved it, they were more engaged, I mean right now I've got kiddos that are in there in books already reading in first grade and that for me is just wow,” she said.

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