Florida judge rules citizen's shooting of suspect fighting with deputy was justified

A man in Florida ha been cleared of charges after he shot and killed another man who was attacking a Lee County, Florida deputy back in November. 

Cell phone video of the incident was released on Wednesday by the Florida State Attorney's Office.

In the footage, you see Deputy Dean Bardes pinned to the ground by suspect Edward Strother. Bardes says he believed Strother was armed.

Citizen Ashad Russell, who has a concealed weapons permit, then walks up to the two with a pistol in his hand. He fires the weapon three times, striking Strother, and freeing the deputy.

Moments later, Russell drops the gun on the ground and waits for police to arrive.

Emergency crews rushed Strother to a nearby hospital where he later died.

Wednesday, the State Attorney's Office determined that the shooting was justified because the deputy's life was in danger.

An interesting side note: There were no 911 calls made from the scene of the incident.