Stuckart, Woodward

KHQ is your Hometown Election Headquarters, and maybe you've heard the saying: "Follow the money." That's what we did today. We dug into Spokane's Mayoral Candidates, to see which candidate is getting the big bucks and what it tells us about how they could lead the city.

To be clear: at this point there's a lot of money to follow. Between Ben Stuckart and Nadine Woodward there's nearly a million dollars in contributions. We're able to follow the money because of the Public Disclosure Commision, which tracks and makes public any contribution to either candidate.

Nadine Woodward has more than $208,000 in individual contributions. A big chunk of that comes from multiple $2,000 contributions from citizens in Spokane. Then you move to the independent contributions. These are contributions that Woodward does not control. They're made in support of her, by independent agencies, and so far the total is more than $197,000. The biggest contributor is the Washington Realtors PAC. Pre-Primary they'd contributed $94,000 to Woodward's campaign, which was used to pay for Direct Mail Flyers and Online Ads. Post-Primary, they contributed another $43,000, which was used for TV Ads. Woodward's other sponsors include the Spokane Good Government Alliance and the Concerned Taxpayers of Washington State. Between those two, there's nearly $60,000 in contributions, which was used for Online Ads, Peer-to-Peer Texting services and Radio Advertising.

As for Ben Stuckart, he has more than $197,000 in individual contributions and like Woodward, he has multiple $2,000 contributions. As far as Independent Contributions, while Woodward had $197,000, Stuckart only has about $1,100. The biggest, at $850, came from the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility, and was used for Print Ads.

So what does any of this tell us? Two things: first, both candidates have a lot of support from citizens of Spokane. And second, a group that appears to be representing realtors really wants Nadine Woodward to win, and is willing to spend a lot of money to make that happen.

The General Election is Tuesday, November 5.