3-foot alligator at large in Spokane Valley

It's not a call you want to get if you work in animal control: There's an alligator in a Spokane Valley mobile home park. But that's exactly what happened Wednesday.

It happened at University Mobile Home Park in Spokane Valley. Officials say it's not legal to own an alligator in Washington or Idaho, but someone did have one, and it was being kept in the backyard of someone who owns or rents a mobile home in the park.

The manager told KHQ's Katie Chen that she got a complaint letter from someone about the gator, investigated and found out it was true. The trailer park resident had a 3-foot alligator. She told that man either the alligator had to go or he did. So the man got rid of the gator.

But the big question remains: Where is the alligator now?

SCRAPS is investigating, but the guy ditched the alligator before they were called, so they don't have it. The man hasn't been back to his mobile home since and no one has been able to contact him.

This isn't the first time an alligator has been in Spokane. Back in 2012 Fish and Wildlife seized a small alligator from an apartment on the lower South Hill. The man living there was selling it on Craigslist along with piranhas. That alligator was eventually sent to a reptile rescue in Seattle.