Foreign exchange student accused of raping classmate

The way the police report reads, this was just your typical high school house party.

It happened at 10 o'clock last Friday night.  

While the party was still raging in the basement, the alleged victim -- known only by her initials in the police report -- went upstairs to look for her friend.

According to the report, that's when the exchange student, 18-year-old Sebastian Bruehl, allegedly grabbed her by the wrists and asked if she wanted to "hook up" in one of the rooms. She said no, but Sebastian followed her as she made her way upstairs -- and as they passed a bedroom, the report says he pushed her inside, pinning her down on the bed.

The alleged victim says she told Sebastian to stop -- multiple times -- as he “touched her all over.” She says she tried yelling for help - but the court documents say no one heard.

The documents say he began raping her, but she managed to activate the text function on her phone - and sent desperate messages to her friends that were just downstairs.

"help, help, bedroom, hello, help," read one of the texts. According to the police report within 5 minutes of sending the text, friends were knocking on the door and pulled her out of the room.

Bruehl told investigators he and the girl "hooked up" and he says it was consensual. Bruehl was arrested and then released on a $25,000 dollar bond. He has since been suspended from school. He's due in court in two weeks but it's still unclear if he has a lawyer yet.  

We’ve also reached out to see if the German Consulate is getting involved but they haven't returned our calls.

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