The Beauty Creek campground is just three days away from closing for the season. For campground managers Robert and Teresa Dury it has been a stressful season to say the least. Throughout the Panhandle National Forest there have been more than 70 wildfires, burning more than 80,000 acres. 

"We've been dealing with a natural disaster driven by the weather," says Panhandle National Forest Spokesman Jason Kirchner. 

In July, Kirchner announced that the forest service would be implementing stage one fire restrictions. The decision was the result of a drought and continued drought-like forecasts. The restrictions increased throughout the month of August but were lifted on Wednesday September 9th. For the first time since the beginning of July Robert and Teresa had a campfire. 

"We were so excited," says Teresa. "We sat out by the fire all night, it was really nice." 

While the lifting of the fire restrictions is nice, they're still extremely concerned about fire conditions. 

"Even with all the rain we've had, it's still very dry," says Teresa. 

While the threat of wildfires seems to be waning as the region receives more rain Teresa and Robert are still skeptical.

"It's still so dry, all it takes is for one person to make a mistake."