Former firefighter helps save mother and daughter from burning home

A former EMT and firefighter counted on his experience to help pull a mother and her daughter from their burning home Saturday.

Matt Burson was driving home from work when his coworker saw the flames.

"We got out and you could see the glow," said Burson. "You could hear roaring and crackling from the flames and see smoke billowing out the front door."

The fire injured a mother and her three children.

When Burson showed up he saw two of the children outside the home, but 32-year-old Angel Fiorini and her daughter were still inside.

"So I went in on my hands and knees and I saw a woman passed out so I got a hold of her and drug her out," said Burson. "I heard a moan so I got back down on my hands and knees and went back in just a little further down where the daughter was."

Burson immediately started triage on the family while firefighters worked to put out the flames.

"You help people," he said. "It could have been my family and I would want the same thing."

Burson only suffered a few blisters on his hands, and says he's no hero.

Meanwhile the Fiorini family is calling him Angel's guardian angel.

Burson spent 16 years working as an EMT and a couple as a firefighter at District 8. He says this was the first time he ever ran into a home that was on fire.

The two youngest children did not have serious injuries. Angel and her oldest daughter remain in serious condition at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

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