Tanner Rowe, who revealed the Spokane Valley representative's personal manifesto, reacted to the most recent controversy surrounding Rep. Matt Shea.

"I'll admit that when I saw the article and the text and all that, I was shocked by the content. Not necessarily what they were doing with surveillance, but what they were willing to carry out, especially against women. Yeah, that was something man, to say the least. It was pretty awful," Rowe said.

Rowe was also one of two men mentioned by Jack Robertson, who also goes by the alias John Jacob Schmidt, on his online radio show. Shea hosts the podcast as well, but wasn't present in this specific episode. Other than Rowe, the other person mentioned was the man who leaked the chat logs to The Guardian.

"The man is more than welcome to get in my inbox and ask me any questions about myself that they want to know. I've been pretty open about this since the beginning. I guess what surprises me more and more is that rather than looking at facts in the face about our political leanings and so forth, they choose to run with this narrative that we're these evil, ultra-leftist progressives. Like I said, that's just par for the course and none of that's surprising cause that's kind of their tactic, right? If somebody speaks out against them, they rail on about how much of a communist, Maoist insurgent they are and whatever crazy rhetoric they come up with to try and rile up their base. They are in damage control right now and part of their damage control mode is slander, slander, slander. Anybody that stands up against them, they just slander them left and right, that's just par for the course."

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