Frank Straub Sworn In As Spokane Chief Of Police

Update: Mayoral candidate Shar Lichty issued a statement about Chief Straub's resignation, attacking Mayor Condon's office for conflicting accounts about Straub. She says the citizens of Spokane deserve better leadership. Read the full statement below:

"It is apparent from the numerous versions the media and public have been given in regards to the 'resignation' of Frank Straub that we may never know the truth. The truth doesn't change and yet we continue to get conflicting and ever changing statements from the Mayor's office," said Lichty. "One thing is clear, Frank Straub was not afforded his right to due process in regards to the two letters that the Mayor's office hastily released to the public. The citizens of Spokane deserve leadership that is transparent, truthful, and based on sound judgement-things the Condon administration is sorely lacking."

Previous coverage: 

An attorney filed a tort claim on behalf of former SPD Chief Frank Straub. The amount he wants from the city totals to $4 million.

The claim names three people specifically. Spokane Mayor David Condon, city administrator Theresa Sanders, and city attorney Nancy Isserlis.

An email from Straub’s lawyer to the city administrator explains why he’s filing the suit. The email says in part, "Frank Straub was hired as this City's Police Chief and mandated to clean up issues in this department for the benefit of the City. The Mayor knew that Chief Straub had to be supported against toxic elements in that department. The mayor hired him to wade in. The Mayor mandated him to wade in. Once he was in, City administration undercut his authority, coddled mutiny and subversively managed cancerous factions to its own perceived advantage. This was an engineered process designed to damage Frank Straub and enhance the mayor's standing."

The claim also explains how the total amount came up to be $4million.

First, it cites the loss of income and benefits – totaling to $240,000. Next, future loss of income, that’s $1.6 million. And finally, damage to reputation, loss of standing, loss of opportunities, totaling $3 million.

Mayor David Condon released a statement responding to the claim, saying, “This is unfortunate as we would like to move the Spokane Police Division forward without distraction. We received a signed resignation letter Tuesday morning, but because of a pending claim cannot comment further.” 

Click here to see official documents from Straub's lawyer

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