More delays sought in Freeman High school shooting case

SPOKANE, Wash. - The hearing to determine if the accused Freeman High School shooter will be tried as an adult or juvenile continued Friday with the school psychologist taking the stand.

Jody Sweeney talked about how Caleb Sharpe, the admitted shooter, struggled in school. She also talked about the Freeman community is still healing.

Spokane County Prosecutor Larry Haskell asked if there have been effects beyond just the day of shooting and Sweeney responds by saying, "the effects are impossible to verbalize. They've been catastrophic on students, the staff, the entire community."

Later, Freeman High School principal, Jim Straw, took the stand and echoed much of what Sweeney said.

He told a story, that they refer to as "the Red Robin Incident", in which a group of students traveled for the basketball state tournament in Yakima. He says they stopped to eat at Red Robin, the hamburger restaurant, and during their dinner a balloon popped. Straw described how students scrambled to get under tables, thinking there may be gunfire again.

It's one story, that illustrates how people, especially students there, are dealing with the ongoing trauma of having lived through a school shooting.

Testimony is expected to continue on Monday, July 22.