Free meals on Thanksgiving

SPOKANE, Wash. - Fresh Soul Restaurant is so much more than just great food.

They are helping teach kids, give them jobs and also help them find a career path or go to college.

So far, 20 students have gone through the paid-internship program learning how to build a better financial situation for themselves, whether through a long-term job, a trade position or by attending a community college. 

Michael Brown the head of the nonprofit said God put this mission on his heart.

Earlier this week, a donor stepped up to help keep Fresh Soul moving forward donating the funds to pay for 100 meals on Thanksgiving. 

“It's more than money it's about people coming together and when you can give with out the expectation of receiving anything in return then you truly realize what it means to serve others," Brown said. 

When the doors open today 100 free meals made by the kids working towards a better future will be given to those in need. 

It's first come first serve starting at 9 a.m.