Friend remembers Pullman High School senior who was shot, killed

A shooting leaves one man dead and two others in jail, facing years behind bars.

On Wednesday, 17-year-old Keagan Tennant and his 18-year-old friend Matthew McKetta appeared before an Idaho judge for the first time. The teens are accused of a series of felonies including involuntary manslaughter, attempted murder and robbery.

Prosecutors said Keagan Tennant shot and killed Timothy Reeves in the face with a rifle in what one witness described as a game of Russian roulette. After the shooting the two went on the run. They were caught eight miles from the border.

It's been a difficult week for friends of the victim, Reeves.

"This is a small town, everyone knows each other, everyone knows Keagan, everyone knows Bubba," Maddy Knight said.

A town of over 30,000 people and a senior class that'll have one less person.

"I looked at him like a brother, we were close enough that that's what I've always called him," Knight said.

Knight never thought she would be standing here talking about losing her best friend, Tim Reeves, who she says everyone knew as "Bubba."

"He was always there, he was always someone I could go up to and talk to him about how my day was going or whatever... Ask him how his family was," Knight said,  "Ask him how he was doing, and the fact that I'll never get to do that on the first day of school and ask him how his summer was... he didn't even get to finish his summer."

Knight says she knew both Tennant and Reeves. She's relieved to know his alleged killers are going to go through the criminal justice system.

"He should've been there, he should've made it to his senior year of high school, everyone should've made it, you know, he didn't deserve to die before he could even graduate high school," Knight said.

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