Friends and family of missing Idaho boater continue search

It's been six days since a 67-year-old man went missing while boating on Lake Pend Oreille. Friends of that man are continuing the search over the weekend.

Friends of John Key gathered in Bayview, Idaho, Saturday morning to continue searching for him.

"Somewhere around 12 boats are out there right this moment searching for him," said Key's friend Chris Gormsen.

Key's boat was found Monday with the engine still running in the 1,100 feet of water, but he was nowhere to be found. It is not clear how Key went missing  Volunteers and friends are driving boats up and down the shorelines and in the middle of the lake. They're using fishing SONAR equipment to see if they can find anything under the water.

"They don't have the gear that the sheriff's department is supposed to have," Gormsen said. 

Gormsen said the Bonner County Sheriff was out earlier in the week searching for Key, but he feels that they could be doing more to find him.

"We feel that Bonner County let us down," he said. "They promised us lots of helicopters, lots of boats out here running grids to help find him, using their underwater gear to find him.

Gormsen was told that the underwater gear of the sheriff's boat wasn't working, and according to the searchers on the water Saturday, a sheriff's boat was not out in the search area.

All Gormsen and friends of Key want is to find him.

"We don't know what the deal is, why they did not come out in full force. They told John's wife that they would be out every day searching for him. We just haven't seen any sign of them at all."

Organizers of the search party will continue their efforts Sunday, and throughout the week.

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