PHOTO: Humphreys

SPOKANE, Wash. - Carl Humphreys, 56, loved to be outdoors. His friends say the Liberty Lake native was the kind of guy who was always up for an adventure-- especially on the water and in the snow.

They called him Crazy Carl, Big Kahuna, and the Honey Badger and said his personality was unforgettable.

His long-time friend Shawn Chalich says he died doing what he loved.

"Just the way he lived. He always was pushing the envelope," Chalich said. "He was an extreme person in everything he did."

Chalich says Carl was an avid mountain biker, water skier, kayaker, and he loved skiing at Silver and Schweitzer Mountains.

Humphreys was on the expert run called 16-to-1 with three other skiers when the avalanche hit. Rescuers found him about an hour later buried in the powder.

"If you skied with him you would know he was pushing the envelope," Chalich said. "He would go down insanely steep slopes, and he considered himself lucky, avoiding trouble to this point. But it was just the nature of the way he lived."

Chalich and many others are still in disbelief that their friend is gone.

"The concept of him not being around it still hasn't sunk in," Chalich said. "I don't think its sunk in for a lot of people."