Garland District bar has propane tanks stolen

Deborah Weisgerber is the owner of The Drinkery in the Garland District. On Friday afternoon, when she got to work, she noticed something was missing, “the propane tanks were gone. Sometimes that happens. I understand that they are valuable to some people," said Weisgerber

But this time it was different because they took the hoses that connect the propane to the portable heaters.  The heaters are inside an outdoor tent for customers. To remove those hoses, you need a wrench. Weisgerber says she's just happy they didn't damage the heaters because they're not cheap.


The heating units alone cost hundreds of dollars and propane isn't cheap either, depending on the price of gas. Deborah had to go out an replace everything herself, "So I had to go find some new replacement hoses for the heaters, and the initial investment of the heaters and tents was a good investment, so it was kind of a bummer when those were gone." Deborah says whoever did this caused some business headaches, “It's more of a nuisance than anything,” added Deborah.