Prison officials: Green River killer to return to Washington

One of the nation's most prolific murderers, Green River serial killer Gary Ridgway, has been returned to a Washington state prison after a transfer to Colorado upset relatives of his victims as well as investigators who handled the case.


The Seattle Times reports that according to the Washington Department of Corrections, Ridgway was returned to the state prison in Walla Walla on Saturday from the federal penitentiary in Florence, Colorado. He had been in Colorado since May.


Ridgway is serving life without parole for the killings of 49 women over a 20-year spree, and he's suspected of having murdered dozens more. Officials said they would have saved money by keeping him in Colorado, and that it would have provided him with an opportunity to live in the general prison population instead of being kept in solitary for his own protection in Washington.


But investigators said it could hinder future investigations if they didn't have easy access to Ridgway.


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