Glacier park to rebuild historical chalet destroyed in fire

(AP) - The National Park Service has approved plans to rebuild a century-old Montana hikers' dormitory that was destroyed in a fire last year in Glacier National Park.


Glacier park spokeswoman Lauren Alley said Thursday that work to reconstruct the Sperry Chalet is expected to begin in July after officials determined this week there would be no significant environmental impact.


The cost was previously estimated to be between $8 million and $12 million. Alley says a more precise estimate will be known once a construction contract is awarded.


Construction is expected to take place this year and next year.


Materials will be shipped by mules and horses and helicopter to the site is six miles (10 kilometers) from a road.


Park officials say up to 50 flights daily will temporarily displace wildlife.

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5/17/2018 1:46:31 PM (GMT -7:00)