The Globe Bar and Kitchen

Courtesy of the Globe Bar & Kitchen via Facebook 


SPOKANE, Wash. - It's a social media posts that have many talking about the globe in downtown Spokane. The sign in the picture says, "Woman keep getting drugged at the Globe. This is not okay."

Globe Bar and Kitchen owner Scott Wilburn say they have a policy for any customer who thinks their drink has been tampered with "We have a policy that if somebody feels like their drink has been tampered with in any way. They can bring it back to the bartender who made the drink, and we will remake that drink for no charge," Wilburn tells KHQ.

Wilburn says roofies, also known as the date rape drug are a problem in Spokane. His bouncers and staff are trained to spot anything sketchy and then report it right away to the police.

They also have security cameras covering every corner of the globe "We would be able to see that. It does get busy in here so sometimes it can be harder to spot, but we are able to track customers through the bar to see what actually did go on. We do depend on a lot of our staff to be able to find perpetrators of this kind of behavior," added Wilburn.

This isn't the first time the Globe has been in the news for this type of allegation. When they were going through a management change back in 2017, KHQ's Peter Maxwell spoke with a woman who believed she and a friend had been drugged there.

The next day, they couldn't remember a think from the night before. She didn't blame the globe. But wanted others to be aware so it wouldn't happen to them.

Now, Wilburn is planning to work with other bar owners in the area to take back the safe party scene "One thing we are going to do is work with the other bar owners in the neighborhood to make this a safer place for people to come and enjoy," said Wilburn.


SPOKANE, Wash. - After recent social media posts alleging women have been drugged while visiting the Globe Bar & Kitchen in downtown Spokane, the business has issued a statement.

The statement reads as follows:

"In light of recent events, we at The Globe Bar and Kitchen want to express how important our customers are to us. As a high-volume nightclub, our staff and security are committed to ensuring the safety of our patrons. There are individuals whom intend harm by means of drugging men and women’s drinks. Recently, concerns have been expressed as to our establishment’s perceived reputation. The Globe Bar and Kitchen hosts the largest security team in town supported by seventeen HD security cameras. We understand this may not be enough. Drink tampering is and continues to be a problem in Spokane restaurant and bars. We view recent events as a call to action. Our ownership and management team consists predominantly of females, gay men, and individuals committed to inclusivity. That our guests might feel unsafe is unacceptable. Starting now, we’re initiating new in-house policies to ensure patron safety and confidence. If a customer suspects their drink has been tampered with, the drink will be remade, no questions asked. Additionally, security footage will immediately be reviewed to investigate foul play. In our nightclub hours, any unattended drinks will be disposed of in order to prevent tampering. The Globe Bar and Kitchen will be looking into further training and courses for our staff. This problem is larger than The Globe. We are starting a local coalition of bars committed to taking the necessary steps to eradicate drink tampering. Our mission is to cultivate a safe and positive atmosphere throughout downtown Spokane."

Back in 2017, KHQ spoke with a woman who claimed she and her friend had been given a roofie while visiting the Globe. 

KHQ's Peter Maxwell is working to gather more information on this story. Updates will be made as soon as additional information becomes available.