Gonzaga and University of Washington form medical education partnership

Wednesday morning the Presidents of Gonzaga and the University of Washington announced a joint initiative regarding the commitment to medical education in the Spokane area. 

Gonzaga President,Dr. Thayne McCulloh announced they will be forming a partnership, welcoming 60 students from the University of Washington to study in this region. President McCulloh says this initiative is about more than medicine, the universities are also looking to create research opportunities. 

University of Washington President, Dr Ana Mari Cauce said this partnership will bring together two world class universities to serve the public. For now, this is a collaboration between University of Washington's medical education programs and Gonzaga's science education programs but the partnership could expand in the future. 


Mayor David Condon also spoke, mentioning that healthcare and education are two major reasons why people choose where they live. He said he believes this partnership will help make Spokane a "city of choice."

Other presenters during the press conference included Dr. Suzanne Allen, Vice Dean for Regional Affairs at the University of Washingtion School of Medicine, Scott Morris, Chair of the Gonzaga Board of Directors and Todd Mielke, CEO of Greater Spokane Incorporated.

The two universities have been involved in conversations over the past several months about medical education in Spokane. Wednesday's press conference ended with both Presidents signing an agreement for the partnership.