SPOKANE, Wash. - With a blink of the eye, nearly everything former Gonzaga Basketball Superstar Quentin Hall had built in the Bahamas was gone.

Hurricane Dorian destroyed it all when it settled over the Bahamas for almost two days, dumping three-feet of rain on the islands with winds clocking in at around 185 mph.

"It's only by the grace of god we survived it, i know that, i believe that," Hall said. 

The hurricane's storm surge produced 20-foot waves, leveling cities and communities across the Bahamas. Hall and his family live on the island of Grand Bahama, which was in the direct path of the storm.

Known to Zag fans as "Q," the former guard played on the 1999 Gonzaga Basketball Team that began their historic NCAA tournament run, Hall grew up in the Bahamas before coming to spokane.

Now a high school teacher, Hall said his family was forced to ride out the storm in their home, facing the wind and rain. 

"I don't know if you've ever been in a situation where you have no control," Hall said. "All you can hear is wind, rain and water. you just hope for the best. you hear stuff outside flying around. its a total nightmare."

Hall moved back to Grand Bahama almost 15 years ago, and said he's faced several hurricanes on the island before, but nothing like the conditions Hurricane Dorian brought. 

"It's surreal, I kid you not, its kind of hard to talk about it, but this is the reality of it," Hall said. "People still need help."

With over 50 people reported dead and thousands in the Bahamas still missing, Hall said his family is incredibly lucky. 

"When I tell you I'm fortunate and god blessed us, I am, because it could have been a whole lot worse," Hall said.

As the clean-up process for Hall and thousands of other people in the Bahamas begins, major concern still remain.

"That's whats scary for me, is we're in a hurricane zone and that's something that inevitable to happen again, but now when?" Hall said.

A long time friends and former roommate of Hall set up a Go Fund Me page for his family. Click here to visit the page.