Man pleads guilty to shooting death of missionary student

A pair of gang members from Yakima County each received sentences for unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition on Thursday.

24-year-old Fidel Gonzalez-Molina and 21-year-old Edvin Osorio, both of Grandview, were both sentenced after having plead guilty to being previously convicted felons in possession of ammunition and a firearm. Joseph H. Harrington, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Washington, made the announcement.

U.S. District Judge Salvador Mendoza, Jr. sentenced Gonzalez-Molina to a 15-month term of imprisonment, to be followed by a 3-year term of court supervision following release from Federal prison. U.S. District Judge Stanley Bastian sentenced Osorio to a 6-month term of home confinement, followed by a 3-year term of probation.

According to information disclosed during court proceedings, a Sunnyside Police Department officer stopped a vehicle with four occupants after reports that an occupant had been target shooting at street signs. Gonalez-Molina, who was driving, told officers he was a former "Bell Garden Locos" street gang. Osorio was also known by law enforcement as a member of the same gang.

After discovering a receipt from a sporting goods store for an ammunition purchase, officers obtained a search warrant. Officers founda .357 caliber revolver wrapped in a bandana in the glove compartment. After contacting the sporting goods store and reviewing security video, officers determined Gonzales-Molina and Osorio were involved in purchasing the ammunition.

Harrington said, “Convicted felons have no right to possess firearms and ammunition. If someone chooses to violate federal law, they will be prosecuted. I commend the outstanding work of the FBI, ATF, and Sunnyside Police Department in investigating this case.”