Grant County couple takes child in stroller along on theft trip

Apparently, Monday was “Take Your Kids to Steal Stuff Day” in Moses Lake. At least that is what officers with Moses Lake Police are wondering after a peculiar call they received Tuesday. 

Just before 7 pm, Moses Lake Police Officers were sent to a Rite Aid in Moses Lake as a result of a theft in progress. 

Officers learned that 29-year-old Joseph Montes, 29 from Soap Lake and a 26-year old woman from Montes entered the store pushing a baby in a stroller. While inside, they loaded up a cart with merchandise and attempted to leave without paying.

Officers say that Montes and the woman were confronted at the door by employees, and that was when things got interesting. 

In a stunning act of chivalry, officers say that Montes grabbed a Bluetooth speaker out of the cart and took off, leaving his woman and the child to fend for themselves. The woman then attempted to run after Montes, pushing the stroller.

Officers took off after them, and Montes ran in circles around a building until he was caught and arrested. 

Montes had a felony warrant for, believe it or not, two counts of Burglary as well as Possession of Methamphetamine. He was booked into the Grant County Jail. 

Montes told officers he wasn’t familiar with the area and didn’t know where to run. Little did he know, he had chosen to run from a store across the street from the police department.

As officers arrested Montes, the woman was able to get back to her car and leave. She was identified from video footage, and officers learned that she also has an outstanding warrant for theft. 

Officers with Soap Lake Police Department checked the her last known address in Soap Lake, but she no longer lives there. 

Officers say that a report will be filed with Child Protective Services.

The Moses Lake Police Department left the following words of wisdom for those that try to take off without paying:

"While we have been pretty adamant about educating our local thieves to not bring kids with them when they steal, this couple was from out of town and may not have gotten the message. So, for all who are considering thievery, we would strongly recommend leaving the kids at home. Or just don’t steal. That would be cool too."