Study concludes that falls from windows are rare at WSU

PULLMAN, Wash. - A Washington State University Greek fraternity has been temporarily suspended after allegations of behavior that violated university standards and risked the health and safety of fraternity members. 

According to the student newspaper, The Daily Evergreen, the Sigma Nu Delta Iota chapter is now being investigated by the Office of the Dean of Students. 

The chapter headquarters has also been suspended from holding new member activities or events with alcohol, according to the university's Center fro Fraternity and Sorority Life website

Due to the interim loss of recognition, Sigma Nu will not be allowed to participate or partake in Fraternity and Sorority advising, Information Technology Services, the Student Involvement Center or intramural sports. However, while the group can't use these services, individual students are still allowed. 

It's unclear how long the investigation into the allegations will last.