Grocery store employee went missing ten years ago now found dead behind store's cooler

A grocery store employee who went missing ten years ago was found dead behind the store’s cooler when construction workers were ordered to remove old equipment.  

According to CNN, Larry Ely Murillo-Moncada worked No Frills Supermarket in Council Bluffs, Iowa, which closed its doors three years ago.  

Murillo-Moncada's parents reported him missing when he stormed out of their house after an argument. They said he was acting irrationally from medications he was taking.  

Police said that Murillo-Moncada most likely feel in the 18-inch gap after climbing on top of the cooler. His screams for help were most likely muffled by the sound of the cooler. 

An autopsy was conducted showing no signs of trauma and it was ruled an accidental death.