Miska the cat Bellevue

Cats do not abide by the laws of nature. Well neither does "Miska", a cat who has developed quite a rap sheet in western Washington.

The family of the Bellevue cat has filed a lawsuit against the city and King County after Miska was cited dozens of times, in which they feel she was unfairly targeted by animal control officials.

"It's just complete targeted enforcement and we feel that it's egregious and outrageous," Jon Zimmerman told KIRO, "There aren't very many cats who are issued infractions and certainly not for trespassing."

Zimmerman, the attorney representing Miska and her owner, believes the only reason Miska keeps getting infractions and fines is that a neighbor is the former manager for King County's animal control. Of the 50 infractions handed out by the department to cats in the past decade, 30 were for Miska.

He says cats go into neighbors' yards all the time without consequences, begging the question if Miska is actually a menace.

"I've never seen a city or a county so hell bent on going after a poor, defenseless cat," Zimmerman said.

However, some neighbors think Miska has been terrorizing the community by trespassing, taunting and even killing other pets for years.

Neighbor Erin Shumate captured video of Miska carrying one of her kids' show rabbits beneath a porch, and claims she has killed several rabbits in the past.

Pierce County authorities will decide Miska's fate since the lawsuit involves King County officials. Prior to the lawsuit, officials had been trying to determine whether to euthanize the cat or kick it out of the county.