Have you drank a Red Bull in the last 12 years? How to claim $10

Their commercials say, "Red Bull gives you wings!" But no one took that literally, did they? Well one guy apparently sort of, kinda, did and filed a lawsuit. Red Bull recently settled that lawsuit and now if you drank a Red Bull energy drink between January 1, 2002 and October 3, 2014, the company owes you a $10 check or $15 worth of free Red Bull products. 

In the lawsuit, Red Bull drinker Benjamin Careathers claimed Red Bull misled him and other consumers with the "Red Bull gives you wings slogan." Careathers said the company advertised some of the benefits of Red Bull to include increased performance, concentration and reaction speed. Careathers said he never felt any of those benefits and the courts determined none of Red Bull's claims were ever backed up by scientific evidence, so the result is Red Bull settling the lawsuit for $13 million. 

If you want to claim your $10 check or $15 worth of free Red Bull, all you have to do is register online before March 2, 2015 and you don't need any proof of purchase. 

To file a claim, CLICK HERE: http://energydrinksettlement.com/claim (*NOTE: The link went live this week, however as of the publishing of this story, the service was unavailable, presumably to the high demand. Keep checking back.)

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