PHOTO: Flame and Cork Pizza Place

Carries Young, the owner of Flame and Cork in Hayden, Idaho says her restaurant was one of the many scammed out of hundreds of dollars by a pizza prank caller over the weekend.

"The person asked if we could do a to-go order for 24 pizzas," Young said. "We had it ready to at 9 p.m. and nobody showed up."

Young says her restaurant couldn't fill a 24 pizza order but they could do a 16 pizza order. The caller ordered several gluten free chicken pesto pizzas.

Young said she tried to get a hold of the caller once they failed to show up to pick up the order by texting them. The caller's response to the message was "you've been dunked."

According to Young, her business lost out on over $375 dollars worth of profit from that one order, and now she's trying to get the help of the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office, asking other restaurants hit by the same prank to file police reports.

"The more business that get involved that have been affected, the better," was the advice given to Young by the Sheriff's Office.

Young said she filed a police report on Sunday, July 21. The prank could result in a felony if deputies are able to pinpoint who exactly carried out the prank.

On the phone during the order, Young said the person calling in the pizza's sounded more like a middle-aged man than a teenager.

Young said she now plans to change the way Flame and Cork takes to-go orders, asking for the credit card over the phone before filling the order.