C.J. Davis has 2,760 nutcrackers. She says that's the world's second largest nutcracker collection.

"They're here to be seen," she says. "They love to be seen."

She gets them from all over the world, including Germany and Austria. She even had a 6 foot Oktoberfest beer drinking nutcracker commissioned. But he's not her favorite. Her favorite is Rupert.

 "Hes my favorite because in Germany, Rupert rides in the sleigh and puts coal in all the naughty kids stockings," she explains. "I relate, because I was naughty."

 Her dad willed her most of the collection after being an avid nutcracker collector his whole life.

"And the collection grew and grew and grew, faster than I could dust!" Davis says.

For Davis, it's not about making money. She'll never sell one of her collection. When I ask her why she does it, her answer is simple.

"Everybody loves Nutcrackers."