Large-scale hack takes down major websites

As the holidays draw near, the focus should be on family and fun, not on identity theft. Having your personal information exposed in a data breach could possibly be the worst present under the tree. However, unfortunately, that is the reality for some WA residents. 

Over 400,000 Community Health Plan WA members were recently notified that their information might have been exposed. This breach included information such as Social Security numbers, names, and addresses.

Community Health Plan Washington (CHPW) is a nonprofit that provides health insurance through Medicaid. They have now taken significant measures to ensure security and find out why this happened.

Since the organization learned of the security incident on November 7th, 2016, CHPW sent seventeen different versions of the letter to all potential victims, however, at this point there is “no reason to believe any information has been misused," according to Jan Sheeley.

The company has also released a statement saying that as of November 30th, 2016 “the digital forensics investigation confirmed that member records were accessed without authorization as a result of a vulnerability in CHPW’s technology services provider’s security.”  

They do not know the exact number of members affected and are working closely with a forensic firm to investigate, said Jan Sheeley. A cyber security firm named Kroll is also working with members if they suspect their identities have been stolen.