Heap of trash causes health hazard concerns

A massive trash pile outside a South Hill apartment complex according to a resident, is getting out of control and has started to turn into a health hazard. Other tenants have also agreed that the trash is a problem.

Those trash bags for some reason are not making it into the trash containers because cardboard is filling up leaving bags on the ground instead. "If I could get out of my lease right now, I would. I'd say, 'I didn't sign up for this. I don't live like this. These are not my standards,'" said Cindy Carpenter, a tenant.  

That's how bad Carpenter says the trash situation is at her South Hill apartment complex. "People are walking in it, dogs are picking it up and carrying it. I would think eventually people would start getting sicker being on their feet. It's starting to become a health hazard," said Carpenter.

Despite messages, calls and even emails to her landlord, she's had no luck and now Carpenter is left wondering what to do. "My garbage is full and I'm sitting here going, 'Do I just take it out there or should I stick on the back until they get this situated?' "said Carpenter.  

The apartment complex got back to KHQ right before news time and they say they have dedicated maintenance crew members that come out and pick up the trash every day. They take great pride and say as soon as KHQ left the complex, the trash was picked up because services were called back to the complex.

The city of Spokane Solid Waste Collection Department says they come to provide pick up service twice a week but just this week, a car was blocking about two containers so they couldn't pick up the garbage.  They say it's not their responsibility to pick up what's left on the ground, it's the property owners.