SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane Police believe they have solved a cold case from 1985. Marsi Belecz was just 12-years-old when she was raped and stabbed to death. Her killer is deceased.

Detectives exhumed the body of Marsi’s killer earlier this month. DNA found at the scene was a match to a man named Clayton Giese. He died in a car crash years ago. He did not know Marsi. Her sisters believe Marsi met him at a party after running away from their home.

Marsi’s sisters told KHQ’s Hayley Guenthner that they are grateful for some answers, but now their focus is finding Marsi a headstone.

“We tried to come together but never could afford one,” Marsi’s sister Donna told our Help Me Hayley.

“Marsi’s killer has a headstone, but she doesn’t,” said another one of Marsi’s sisters. “That’s not right.”

Marsi grew up in a large family. Money was tight, and her sisters say despite trying, they could never quite scrape up enough to purchase a headstone for their beloved Marsi.

The family asked our Help me Hayley for assistance. She included their request in her report Wednesday after Spokane Police announced they had solved the case. Immediately, offers to help poured in. Hayley says she got multiple emails and messages.

One of those came early Thursday from Holy Cross Cemetery, where Marsi is buried.

“Two anonymous donors have come forward to donate a headstone for Marsi,” Lisa Barber, of Holy Cross said. “As a result of the cold case of her murder being solved this has affected our staff by bringing awareness to the history that our cemeteries contain. Our immediate staff was touched to learn of the circumstances behind her burial here and hope that now the family can visit the grave finding comfort in the headstone once it is placed. We will work directly with Donna and family to implement their design in this memorial tribute to Marsi.“

Hayley connected staff with Donna. She says she is so grateful for the kindness and looks forward to designing it.

“I’d love for it to have praying hands,” she said. “Marsi would have liked that.”

“This is the best news ever (that someone will help us),” said Marsi’s sister Star. “Thank God.”