ar theft continues to be one of the most common crimes in our region, but what happened in this case is far from the norm.

Nina and her husband Travis wrote about the strange and scary ordeal to our Help Me Hayley. They told Hayley even days later, they are still shaken up by the whole thing.

Nina wrote the following to Hayley: 

“Hi Hayley. My name is Nina. My husband Travis Woodruff messaged you a few days back about our whole family and neighbors watching our truck being stolen from our driveway on Sunday the 14th at around 8:30 PM. He left out some pretty major events. For starters, he got bear sprayed and these thieves (there were about 6 of them) framed it to look like a repo. I can assure you, we own our truck and it is paid off! We have quite a few leads but haven't heard anything. I was hoping you could help us spread the word to our community about our story. I do not want anyone else to experience what we went through. I'm still having flashbacks. We have a crime check report. It would be nice to get that out in the open if anyone has any more leads. We know where the tow truck resides. We have a 1/2 liscense plate# of the Ford flex which I believe it to the getaway car just in case something went wrong. It's been an awful 5 days. Can you help us at all Hayley?”

Hayley learned the truck had been passed down to Travis from his father who passed away last month. He told Hayley it is nothing short of devastating to know one of the only things he has left from his dad is in the possession of a group of thieves.

They are hopeful someone out there will call in tips on this case. The truck is grey, a 2003 F350 Diesel. The plate is B17827p. The crime check report number is 2020-10076307.