Helping Spokane's homeless in dangerously cold temperatures

With the temperatures so cold, most of us are staying warm inside our homes. But what about those who don’t have homes?

The city of Spokane and its partners have switched to a system where warming centers are open 24 hours a day regardless of the temperature. Those who need a place to go can go to the House of Charity.

But Rick Clark got a message that another organization that helps homeless women, Hope House, was in need of blankets on Sunday night. He put a call out on Facebook, and Spokane responded in the only way this community does. People flooded in with donations of blankets to help.

“It’s amazing that Spokane answered the call. It was last minute, no preparations…I'm just floored by what happened,” he says.

Clark says business stepped up too, saying that they’ll be a drop-off site for donations for the homeless.

With it still being so cold, Clark says another way you can help is to let those you see sleeping on the streets know that the House of Charity is open for them.

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