Our region's golf community is mourning the loss of PGA Pro Sean Fredrickson after he died over the weekend in a mid-air plane crash over Lake Coeur d'Alene.

Fredrickson was a father, a husband, a golfer and a beloved member of his community.

He was a leader as well. Fredrickson served at the President of the Pacific Northwest Section of the PGA. He was also awarded PGA Professional of the Year in 2019.

"Sean has touched a lot of people. And he's been very important. He makes people feel important. And you know, it's just a some one of those things that's going to be a ripple effect to a lot of people and friends and families throughout the throughout a lot of areas," Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen said, she's a PGA Golf Instructor who's known Fredricksen for many years.

She remembers him as thoughtful, generous and full of life.

"He was the champagne of life but he also treated you like you're the champagne of life too," Gildersleeve-Jensen said.

Chris Runyan knew him through the PGA as well. He remembers Fredrickson as someone who was always thinking of others.

"[He] would do anything for anybody he would. He's kind of person that would when he walked into the room no matter what size he would, everybody would gravitate towards him. He was just a bright shining light," Runyan said.

Runyan said he learned about Fredrickson's passing on Monday as he drove home from a family cabin.

"For the two hours we were driving home. All it was, was phone calls from other PGA professionals. 'What can we do? What could we do for his wife? What do we need to do?'" Runyan said. "He's probably the Muhammad Ali of our section. He was just a great individual."

To honor Fredrickson, Runyan asks that you give back and spend time helping others.

"I think if we could pass on his legacy, it'd be you know, helped mentor younger professionals of any, any business style or any business occupation. Just help out the younger guys to understand what to do, what we what they need to do, how to achieve their goals that they want to do in their business," Runyan said.

Fredrickson's life impacted many and brought so many joy to others. His loss is a reminder to us all just how fleeting life can be.

"We should cherish life a lot more and actually just get along we all live on one planet, you know and [this] kind of puts things in perspective," Gildersleeve-Jensen said.

Fredrickson was one of eight people who died in the two-plane accident. His three children were also on board with him and did not survive the crash.

Fredrickson's friends are working to put together a GoFundMe to support his wife, April. When we get that information, we will post it on our website.