SPOKANE, Wash. - Today High Country Orchard at Green Bluff opens for the season with the return of warmer weather and sunny skies.

Right now High Country Orchard is one of the few family businesses that are open at Green Bluff and they are eager to get the season started.

So far they have been working hard to make sure everything is cleaned and ready after the winter months, including adding a new covered area for their patio and expanding some seating in the orchard so there is plenty of room for people to enjoy their outdoor activities.

"People are hungry to get out," said Teri Story, High Country Orchard owner. "We're excited to have a full orchard to spread out and it's that time to really connect with the people that we love."

The store has been completely rearranged and they're already starting to line up events for the whole family.

Saturday, April 3, High Country Orchard will host an easter egg hunt for families and they are planning a mother's day brunch in May. More information on the events can be found here.