Amanda Eller

MAUI  - The mother of a hiker who went missing over two weeks ago says the she has been found safe, according to NBC National.

A yoga instructor and physical therapist, 35-year-old Amanda Eller was reportedly spotted in a Hawaiian forest by a helicopter pilot that her family hired. 

It was announced that Amanda had been found on a Facebook group that was dedicated to finding her. Eller had been reported missing in Maui May 9 after her car was found near a forest reserve with her phone and wallet inside. 

"She had gone a long way," Julia Eller, Amanda's mother, told the NBC Affiliate in Honolulu. "And that’s all I know."

Her parents, who had offered a cash reward for her return, said they believed Amanda went hiking. The forest where her car was parked has caves, ravines and trenches, which 60 searchers walked through in hopes of finding Eller. 

The photo above was taken after she was found Friday. Family and friends say that their own search team captains spotted her the same time she spotted them. 

In a Facebook post in the Findamanda group, a moderator wrote, "She was deep in a creek bed between two waterfalls. She is just as strong as we always said she would be. We knew she could make it this long. Amanda is doing great she is just talked to her father from air evacuation helicopter. More soon!!" 

One of the search captains, Javier, wrote on Facebook, "Greatest day of my life!!!"