10 Dollar Food Bag

This Friday, KHQ is teaming up with Northwest Harvest at Albertsons and Safeway stores for our Hometown Harvest food drive.

"We've just had a great time working at Northwest Harvest, and we know that the food they serve is going to people that need it the most," John Edmondson, volunteer at Northwest Harvest, said.

The Pacific Northwest is definitely one of those places. In Washington, one in six people rely on places on food banks.

"I feel like Northwest Harvest is very trustworthy with what they do with the food, the need is high in Spokane," Edmondson said.

This Friday, if you donate just 22 cents, Northwest Harvest could provide an entire meal to some in need. They will also be accepting canned food.

"I think honestly, any food is good. Something non-perishable would be best. They even have some pre-packaged bags at Safeway that has the stuff they know they need the most, so that's a good way to go," Edmondson said.

You can purchase a bag for ten dollars until Friday. It'll have soup, rice, macaroni & cheese, and much more.

Here are the locations: Friday 5 am - 6:30 pm

14020 E. Sprague Ave. Spokane Valley

10100 N. Newport Hwy Spokane

2507 W. Wellesley Ave. Spokane

3010 E. 57th Ave. Spokane

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