PHOTO: Hoopfest Estimated Revenue hovers around $50 million

Thousands of teams, thousands of fans and spectators, millions of dollars in revenue.

As we quickly approach Hoopfest in Hooptown, USA, Spokane will be front and center on a national level.

A level that many can't refuse.

"We're really creating a name for ourselves as a sports destination which is wonderful to see," Kate Hudson said.

Hudson is the Public Relations Manager with Visit Spokane.

As Spokane continues to bloom into a sports destination, the dollar figure that comes with it looks like NBA superstar Kevin Durant's paycheck.

"It brings in about $50 million is the estimated economic impact number," Hudson said.

That includes everything from money spent on hotels, food and entertainment.

Hudson says it's not just Spokane that benefits from this cash cow, the Inland Northwest as a whole sees a boost.

"Go hiking or maybe go to Silverwood or spend the day in Coeur d'Alene," Hudson said.