Three arrested on felony burglary charges

ELK, Wash. - The owner of a miniature horse says he was forced to shoot and kill three pit bulls that were mauling his animal.

Thursday, the horse's owner told the Pend Oreille County Sheriff's Office the three dogs had come onto this property, off Juanita Lane and started attacking his horse.

The man fired several warning shots to try and scare the dogs and when the warning shots did not work, the man turned his aim to the dogs, shooting all three.

Two of the dogs died on the scene and the third ran off only to die later at a veterinarian's office.

While trying to get in touch with Justin Howell, the dogs' owner, a deputy discovered marijuana growing on Howell's property.

Howell told deputies he had Medicinal Marijuana Certificate and was growing marijuana for his own personal use, however an investigation found he had more than allowed for medicinal use under state law.

Howell was arrested for Manufacturing Marijuana and cited for dog at large.

The miniature horse suffered severe injuries and is being treated by a veterinarian.  

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