SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane horse was minutes away from being euthanized after spending a full night in labor when they received the call.

"I can do it!! I can get the foal out and save the mare!"

D Lynn Schleiffers knew her friend's mare was in trouble when she found the horse still in labor after a full night. 

After further inspection, Schleiffers found that the foal was bent out of shape with its shoulder blocking the mare's birth canal. 

Schleiffers couldn't move the baby into a better position herself. She immediately took the mare to a local vet to get help.

The veterinarians couldn't move the foal either. There were only two options left for the mare, she would either need to be euthanized or taken to WSU for a C-section. 

The mare had little chance of surviving the trip to Pullman, so they decided the best option was to euthanize. 

Just minutes before the mare would be put down, a call came in from Dr. Alyssa Doering.

"I CAN DO IT!!! I can get the foal out and save the mare! Come to me ASAP!," Doering said. 

Doering works as a equine surgeon at McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital in Newman Lake, according to her Facebook. 

They got the mare to Doering still alive. She was to save the mare just in the nick of time.

According to comments in Schleiffers' Facebook post, the foal did not survive. She said it was likely dead before it was removed.