Eviction Notice Camp Hope

"You have 48 hours to get out."

The City of Spokane posted an eviction notice outside of camp hope, the tent city that appeared last week at City Hall.

Camp hope is made up of about 30 tents, and dozens of people have been calling it home since last Wednesday. Many of the people staying there said they're staying, despite the eviction notice.

KHQ spoke with one man who says he's not sure the city can even legally do this.

"I don't plan on going anywhere yet, we've got meeting coming up so we can talk about that together. I'm not sure they can legally enforce these laws, the notice to remove properties, without heating shelters or centers available," Ken Lee, Camp Hope resident, said.

A city spokeswoman says that in the next 24 hours, another warming shelter will be opening. That will provide enough beds for everyone who's staying at camp hope, and that was always the city's plan.

Some of the people KHQ spoke with at camp hope said that they're protesting the city, and will stay to protest. But the police will move their stuff starting Saturday at 2 pm.

That's because, according to the city, the first amendment covers their right to protest, but not their right camp on public property.

There's at least 50 people staying here right now, and the city says in the last week, more than 100 beds have opened at shelters around the city. So we'll see what happens.

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