How can a home under construction with only two outlets generate an $800 power bill?

How does a home that is currently under construction and only has two functioning electrical outlets rack up a power bill for more than $800 in one month? 

That's the question KHQ's Joe McHale is trying to figure out for Habitat for Humanity near Kettle Falls. A Habitat for Humanity employee came to KHQ for help on Thursday after his organization received an $805 bill from Avista after it was barely $60 the month before. Habitat for Humanity is currently building the home for a paraplegic in the Kettle Falls area and the house only has two functioning outlets. There are no appliances hooked up, no furnaces, no breaker boxes, and no other power source. Just the two outlets. 


Habitat for Humanity said they called Avista about the bill, but so far have received no explanation. So they came to us. 

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KHQ reporter Joe McHale went up to the house to get a look for himself on Friday and confirmed that there are no other power sources that could be drawing that much power. Habitat for Humanity told him the only power they use in the home is when construction workers are at the house and they have to use a propane heater for a heat source. 

Joe called Avista to get an answer they told him they would send a technician out to check and see if the meter is running properly. 

Avista said they are taking this very seriously. Of course, these things take time. As soon as we hear from Avista, we will let you know what they found. 

Avista says they did reach out to Habitat for Humanity, but tells KHQ they are waiting to hear back. 

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