How to avoid traffic during Trump's Spokane rally

As Donald Trump makes his way to downtown Spokane Saturday, so will thousands of supporters hoping to hear from the Republican presidential candidate.

But with graduation ceremonies and other events going on around the Convention Center, you can expect to sit in some traffic if you’re heading that way.

Whether you’re going to the rally or not, here are a few routes to consider if you want to avoid as many brake lights as possible.

First, avoid the Washington-Stevens couplet. Also, stay away from Division.

It will be hard to avoid traffic altogether, but use Maple, Ash, and Lincoln if possible.

If you want to skip the headache of looking for street parking, there are a few other options. The River Park Square parking garage is $6. The parking garage at the Davenport Grand is only $5. And the Convention Center parking garage is closer to $10 and expected to fill up by 8:30 a.m.

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