SPOKANE, Wash. -- A video posted to Facebook on Friday, June 26 shows two apparent bystanders drawing their guns on a suspected shoplifter to hold her in a car as they wait for police to show up. 

At one point, the suspected shoplifter says she was planning to go back to the store, and the man with the gun pulled on her tells her he isn't going to let her leave. 

"Get your a** in there, and sit down. I am not a cop, I'll f****** shoot -- I'm a Democrat. I can shoot you, because Democrats get away with everything," the man says.

Then, the woman holding the gun on the suspected shoplifter tells her to wait for police to arrive and not to move. 

The woman in the car tells the woman with the gun that she can't do that, because it's illegal. The woman with gun says, "so is stealing."

Spokane Police tell KHQ an officer cited the suspected shoplifter for theft. The two people with the guns pulled have not been charged or cited. 

"We would encourage people who are witnesses to a misdemeanor crime, to be good witnesses," Officer John O'Brien with Spokane Police said. He asked that people who witness a crime take a cell phone video, provide a good description of the suspect and vehicle, the direction of travel, that type of information. 

He also asked that people who witness a crime respond proportionately.

"We don't encourage people to present a firearm over a misdemeanor crime," O'Brien said.

We are working to gather more details about what exactly happened. If you witnessed this incident, or know any of the people involved, please reach out to Sydnee Stelle at sydnee.stelle@khq.com.