Joe Bowen

SPOKANE, Wash. - The hearing to determine if the accused Freeman School Shooter should be tried as an adult or juvenile continued Thursday with more expert testimony, as well as testimony from the school's custodian.

Thursday morning, the judge in Caleb Sharpe's declination hearing heard from a psychologist who testified on behalf of the defense. Dr. Beaver described Sharpe as being developmentally delayed due to issues that go all the way back to his birth. He also reiterated something a defense expert, Dr. Richard Adler, said Wednesday: "I believe [Caleb Sharpe] has an excellent chance for rehabilitation."

Following a short recess, Freeman High School custodian Joe Bowen took the stand. It's the first time the public has been able to hear him describe the day of the shooting. Bowen's first thought, he says, when he heard the "pops" in the hallway: "which one of these kids brought firecrackers to my school?"

He quickly realized it was much worse than that.

"I observed Caleb Sharpe armed and standing ten feet away," he said. "I looked at him and then observed a female laying with another person kneeling beside her. I realized this was a shooting. I looked at him and ordered him to the ground. He looked at me, put his hands up and pulled his hat off. I put my knee in his back and said 'don't [expletive] move."

Testimony is expected to continue for the rest of the week, and into Monday, before a judge rules on whether Sharpe should be tried as an adult or juvenile.