A small but passionate crowd marched through the streets of Spokane on Sunday to call for the abolition of ICE. 

About 40 people gathered at the Lilac Bowl in Riverfront Park to hear speakers and march to the ICE office in downtown Spokane. They held a candlelight vigil of remembrance once they arrived. Human Rights Activists Coterie of Spokane member Chris, who declined to give his last name, said "ICE Out Spokane" is part of keeping the movement for change alive in the community. 

"We're protesting the injustices. The fact that we have have kids locked up in cages and unsanitary conditions. The fact that kids under ICE custody are going missing and nobody's doing anything about it," Chris said.

He's also one of many people concerned about international students, especially if all of their classes go online because of the pandemic

"My mother is an immigrant who actually emigrated here and stayed on an expired student visa. Growing up, I watched her go through her struggles and I know it's a tough life," Chris said. "With all these new international students, it just bothers me. It hurts me that politicians talk about keeping the best and the brightest of foreign citizens here in the United States for us, yet for something completely out of their control, they're essentially kicking them back out."

He's calling on local activists to remember who and what they stand for, along with the work that still needs to be done. 

"Now as the weeks pass by, small protests get smaller and smaller. We're coming in to try and step up," Chris said. "Try and make Spokane come alive again for justice. For change."