KOOTENAI COUNTY, Idaho. - Kootenai County Sheriff's deputies were unable to track down a suspect who allegedly admitted to stealing guns during a burglary, citing new Washington policing laws that went into effect Sunday.

The suspected gun thief is believed to have crossed over into Washington after commuting the crime in Idaho. Deputies believed they were staying in Pullman.

Pullman police told Idaho deputies they were unable to follow up on the case in any fashion without probable cause. 

KHQ reached out to Kootenai County Sheriff's Office (KCSO) who said it's too early to determine how the new policing laws will affect their investigations into suspects who cross the border, but it did affect this one.

"Obviously the new laws will affect immediate needs unless probable cause exists but that can even be a grey area. As you saw on the Facebook post we sometime reach out to other agencies, especially Washington, to contact individuals for us to do welfare checks or some type of notification. At this point, it sounds like they may not be able to do that anymore," KCSO's Lt. Ryan Higgins said.

KHQ reached out to Pullman police as well. They haven't responded for comment. 

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