COLVILLE, Wash. - Micki lives just outside of Colville. She's an avid hiker and says the wolf pack this year is pretty active.

"I see the tracks right across the creek, I see the tracks within 80 feet of our barn, and it's like a wolf freeway there's a lot of tracks," said Micki

Since Micki enjoys being outdoors and safety is always her number one priority. That means she carries a gun with her to protect herself and her two dogs.

"I've hiked this property next door for 19 years and have had encounters with cougars, with bears and never had a problem. But a pack of wolves really scares me, and I also have encountered the carcasses they leave behind. We don't see wildlife anymore. I haven't' seen one bear on my hikes this year. I've seen bears every year! And I don't see deer tracks anymore either, "explained Micki.

Micki's worried that the wolves are wiping out all the wildlife that she is generally used to seeing and Micki believes that once they run out of wildlife people could be next. Over the last several days and weeks wolf sightings have been on the rise in Stevens County.

In a Facebook post, county commissioners say several wolf packs have been coming close to homes in multiple areas in the county.

"This year they've had five pups, and the pack is huge now we know its 11 because someone has seen them," said Micki.

They're asking home and landowners to keep small pets inside and cautious about livestock and the feed they eat because it can attract wolves. Micki's neighbor was outside just a couple of weeks ago when the pack popped out of the woods and surprised him while he was chopping wood.

"He just had a funny feeling and stopped and looked around and saw 11 wolves encircling him."

Now Micki just wants others to be aware.

"Don't ever go out without a gun. I know fish and game always says no they don't attack people, but if the wolves are hungry, they're going to eat."

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